If you’ve got an idea to drive the transition to renewable energy and keep fossil fuels in the ground,
we’ve got a small grants fund to help make it happen!

Peter Gray Fund

What: Grants of up to $5,000 for community groups.

Eligibility: Community groups in Australia that are registered as an income tax exempt charity (note DGR status is NOT required).

Scope: We will only support projects that:

Are consistent with the Sunrise Project’s charitable purpose of protecting the environment; and are focussed on climate change and energy.

Priorities: Our priority is to support grant proposals that aim to:

  • Drive the shift to renewable energy and/or keep fossil fuels in the ground;
  • Help build the capacity of community groups for the longer term;
  • Support small community groups that do not have other funding options; and
  • Can demonstrate a clear strategy that will result in real world outcomes.

How to apply: If your idea clearly fits into the priorities and scope then please complete this application form (or pdf form available here) and email it to If you’re not sure if your idea fits the criteria, send us a quick email with a rough outline of your thinking and we’ll let you know if it is the right ballpark so you don’t waste time on a full application if it isn’t going to fit.

About Peter Gray

The Peter Gray Community Action Fund was established in January 2013 to provide small grants to community groups in line with The Sunrise Project vision and mission. The fund is named after Peter Gray, an inspiring young activist from Newcastle in the Hunter Valley, who sadly passed away in 2011 following a battle with cancer. He is renowned for the landmark legal case Gray vs (NSW) Minister for Planning in which he successfully argued that the NSW Government needed to consider the greenhouse impacts of burning the coal from the proposed Anvil Hill mine in the Hunter Valley. Peter was a passionate grassroots campaigner for the protection of forests and for action on climate change and was an inspiration to many. His memory embodies the spirit and passion of communities all around the world who are standing up for climate action and to protect the places they love.

Peter Gray