Social Movements that Change the World

We believe in the power of people because, throughout history, people have come together to ‘turn the resources they have into the power they need to solve the challenges they face’.

We are inspired by social movements who have taken a stand against injustice and worked to change the world: First Nations’ communities resisting colonisation; women organising for the right to vote; African Americans fighting to enshrine civil rights; Indian independence activists marching to end British occupation; Latin Americans overthrowing dictators.

Now we take our lead from Pacific Islanders who are fighting for a global response to climate change; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities standing up to protect their country and culture; farmers keeping land and water safe from polluting energy, and young people organising the next generation of activists to secure a safe climate future.

Driven by the imperative of climate change, our mission is to build and support a powerful social movement to drive the transition from polluting energy to 100% renewable power because we believe:

  1. Strong social movements, as part of a healthy democracy, are vital for the creation of a sustainable and just society.
  2. Social movements change the world rather than individuals or organisations acting in isolation.
  3. People working together to turn the resources we have into the power we need will solve the collective challenges we face.
  4. Our work must be grounded in the wisdom and experience of the communities that are directly impacted by the destruction we seek to stop.
  5. Many and diverse actors working in different ways towards shared goals combine to build powerful stories, mobilise people, shift the political context, and achieve real world outcomes.
  6. By aligning strategy across our movements and resourcing researchers, analysts, campaigners, organisers, lawyers and communities we can achieve our shared goals.
  7. Our partners and allies are our true strength and our collaborations need to leave us all more powerful.
  8. In the power of information and rigorous analysis, but we reject the notion that education and information alone can create the change we seek. Instead, we focus on building the necessary power to win.
  9. Social change is not a simple, linear cause and effect process so we need to be dynamic and flexible to respond to a rapidly changing world.
  10. The dynamic and chaotic nature of the times we live in provide social movements with opportunities to transform the status quo.
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