The Sunrise Project 2015 Annual Review

The Sunrise Project is excited to be releasing our Annual Review for 2015, at a time of remarkable, rapid change.

When we look back on the history of human civilisation, the moments and events that are most important are those in which the course of the future were determined. The emergence of revolutionary new ideas that transformed how people live, conflicts that shaped the formation of nation states, ideas that fundamentally altered our societies – these moments matter because the world we inhabit today can be traced back to them.

Future generations will look back at this period of time through the lens of global warming – as the moment when their world was defined.

The response to global warming has slowed to a snail’s pace for decades, thanks to vested interests in the fossil fuel sector. But in 2014 it seemed momentum finally began to shift, and 2015 was the year we started to make real progress. Only a year ago, most people thought that the coal industry was in another one of its cyclical downturns. By the end of 2015, it was clear that it was structural. Not before time, we are now beginning the phase-out of the use of coal as a source of energy.

Solar use around the world has been growing exponentially, projecting us towards a clean energy future. At the same time, thousands of communities are fighting to protect their homes, their land and their communities from an industry that has been allowed to grow out of control.

We have had the privilege to work with many of these communities and are continually inspired by their resilience and optimism.

While there are simply too many moments in our work to capture, hopefully the 2015 Annual Report Review gives at least a glimpse into the highlights of another remarkable year for The Sunrise Project.

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