Unfriend Coal: The All Blacks and AIG’s moment of truth in the Adani project

17 September 2019

From Unfriend Coal’s Blog  The All Blacks are the world’s most successful rugby team and a symbol of New Zealand’s national pride. They are also the favourite with the bookies to win this year’s Rugby World Cup, which starts in Japan later this week. The All Blacks invited controversy in 2012 when they allowed US […]

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Coal projects face higher investor hurdles as climate risks mount

21 June 2019

The growing risks associated with financing new coal projects have driven European and American institutional investors to seek returns up to 4 times greater than those for other sources of energy, according to a survey by the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. Why it matters: The cost of capital is a key determinant of whether new coal plants […]

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Renewables are pulling ahead in formerly coal-heavy U.S states

29 May 2019

Thanks to the declining costs of wind and solar energy, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico and other states have made plans to retire old coal plants early — paving the way for deeper penetration of clean energy. The big picture: At least 36 gigawatts (GW) of the country’s 260 GW of existing coal generation are forecast to closeby […]

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Asian banks are backing away from new coal plants

29 May 2019

In the first four months of 2019, four major financial institutions headquartered in Asia have announced restrictions on the financing of new coal plants — a noteworthy shift within the region. Why it matters: Until recently, such restrictions came largely from Western financial institutions. But the majority of planned new coal plants are being built in just […]

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The smart money is jumping the coal ship

6 March 2019

We have only 12 years left to save the planet from devastating climate change, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned last October. With governments from Australia to the US missing in action, financial institutions have now emerged as unlikely allies of climate activists. In recent months banks and other financiers have pulled out of […]

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Europe’s 3rd largest insurance company turns away from coal

14 November 2018

Generali’s recent announcement about its improved coal exclusion policy puts an end to insuring new coal plants and mines while turning away new coal clients with more than 30% of their energy production or revenues coming from coal. Generali follows Allianz, AXA and Zurich which all have announced restrictions on insuring coal. Now, Europe’s four […]

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Polling shows Australians are streets ahead of their politicians on climate change

27 September 2018

Last March, then Treasurer Scott Morrison brandished a lump of coal in Parliament (a gift from the coal lobby group the Minerals Council of Australia) shouting, “this is coal; don’t be afraid, don’t be scared, it won’t hurt you.” The trouble for our new Prime Minister is that cheap stunts like that on behalf of […]

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World’s largest reinsurance company stops insuring coal projects

3 July 2018

With a new policy to stop insuring coal projects and companies, Swiss Re just issued a strong warning sign that the insurance industry doesn’t see a future for the coal sector. After AXA, Allianz, SCOR and Zurich, Swiss Re is the fifth large insurance company to stop or limit coverage for coal projects. As major […]

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Making history to push Australia beyond coal and gas

28 June 2018

The 2018 Beyond Coal and Gas Jamboree (BCAGJ) brought together more than 340 people from a communities across Australia who are committed to build a movement that will move Australia beyond polluting fossil fuels into a future that puts people and the planet first, powered by clean energy.

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Media Release: 2018 National Conference – Beyond Coal & Gas – The Transition is Now!

26 May 2018

The Beyond Coal and Gas conference brings together over 350 people from grassroots communities across Australia and internationally, leading campaigns for the coal, gas and energy movements. These campaigners are fighting to protect their land, water and future, working from NSW’s Hunter Valley to SA’s Port Augusta, Qld’s Darling Downs to the NT’s Beetaloo Gas Basin. A key focus of the conference is the campaign to stop the controversial Adani coal mine.

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World’s biggest insurer Allianz moves away from coal

3 May 2018

Campaigners welcome decision, ask industry laggards to ditch coal as well Allianz, the world’s biggest insurance company by assets, announced today that it will no longer provide stand-alone insurance coverage for coal power plants or coal mines. The German insurer also announced that it will ban all companies planning to build more than 500 MW […]

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The campaign to stop Adani building Australia’s biggest coal mine in history

22 March 2018

Global warming is here. Droughts, rising tides, supercharged storms, floods and bushfires threaten Australian families and their homes. Half of the Great Barrier Reef is dead. And this is just the beginning. In the face of all this, industry has failed to change tack and our governments have failed to show leadership. Every single day […]

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The Queensland community stops Adani’s $1 billion loan

15 December 2017

With the Queensland Premier being pushed to veto Adani’s $1 billion loan, one thing is for certain: this would not have happened without the incredible, unrelenting and passionate work of thousands of community members in Queensland who met with their local MPs, showed up outside their offices, formed human signs and made it clear to […]

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Report: Leading insurance companies divest $20B from coal and end underwriting

4 November 2017

Our new scorecard was released today, finding that most insurers are still failing to take action on coal to prevent dangerous climate change. Leading insurance companies have pulled $20 billion out of investments in coal and a growing number are refusing to underwrite new coal projects, reveals a new scorecard on the industry from the Unfriend Coal […]

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New campaign launched to pressure insurance industry to unfriend coal

2 June 2017

You can’t drive a car or buy a house without insurance. Likewise, the coal industry can’t get their mines and power plants funded without insurance coverage.

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Turnbull Declares War On The Future

8 February 2017

Malcolm Turnbull has just declared war on the future. For a man who came to power with a vision for innovation, his public call for new coal power stations in Australia combines brazen hypocrisy with economic stupidity, built on a foundation of reckless irresponsibility. If there was any doubt that he stands for nothing but power for its own sake, let it be dispelled once and for all.

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Land Water Future gas licenses

5 April 2016

The Land Water Future campaign sparked a whirlwind of activity across New South Wales (NSW) which saw communities standing up to halt the rampant and unchecked expansion of coal and coal seam gas mining and exploration across the state. In 2014, 80% of NSW was under threat from coal and gas mining, with licences and […]

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