Energy from the sun, wind and water can cut greenhouse pollution and provide clean, abundant energy for all. But fossil fuel companies continue to undermine action on climate change and block renewables at every step. Social movements have the power to change this. People power can overcome the political influence of the fossil fuel lobby to help solve the climate crisis for all of us.


Driven by the imperative of climate justice, The Sunrise Project’s mission is to scale social movements to drive the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy as fast as possible.

What we do

We are in a race against time on climate change. The world needs to transition to renewable energy. But can we make the transition in time to stop the worst impacts of global warming, and in a way that is fair for working people and communities?

Sunrise works to accelerate the energy transition by taking a whole of system approach to identify powerful intervention points, and by working with social movements to drive change. We serve movements by connecting and convening, providing strategy and analysis, and through strategic grant-making to increase effectiveness, scale, and impact.

Our Approach