Moving Australia Beyond Coal

Australia is the largest coal exporter globally and our electricity sector is one of the dirtiest and most coal dependent in the world. The political influence of the coal industry in Australia has led our government to play a damaging role in international climate negotiations over the last twenty years in order to protect both the domestic coal industry and global markets for Australian coal exports. Australian diplomacy and foreign policy efforts continue to actively promote coal in emerging economies and to reduce ambition for global climate action.

Meanwhile, Australia is one of the sunniest and windiest countries in the world. Phasing out coal plants and repowering Australia with 100% renewable energy is not only possible, it is cheaper and easier than most people expect. The transition is inevitable. Our challenge is to ensure it happens at the pace and scale that global warming demands.

Our goal is to halt the expansion of Australian coal and gas exports and drive the rapid replacement of coal power with renewable energy.


#Stop Adani

As a founding partner in the Stop Adani Alliance we are campaigning to stop the Adani coal mine and to prevent the exploitation of the vast thermal coal reserves of the Galilee Basin.

Beyond coal and gas

Together with impacted communities around Australia, we are challenging the expansion of polluting coal and gas projects, and calling for a moratorium on new fossil fuel extraction and as part of a planned transition to a clean energy economy.

100% renewables

We’re building a national campaign to replace coal plants with 100% renewable energy in Australia by 2030.